Thermobinder of the latest generation

FRONT C70. If you need a solution for fast and high-quality binding, this thermobinder of the same name should be among the main technological solutions on your list, which you should get acquainted with during COPIS 2021 from 29th of September to 1st of October.

Variety of advertising materials - in one place

Choosing the right advertising materials is a process that must be consistent with both the activity and the overall vision for the development of each company. To help in the best choice of its customers, the company Da Ni Va has an extremely rich portfolio of products, which will introduce visitors to COPIS 2021 from 29th of September to 1st of October at the Inter Expo Center.

Folklore takes over advertising

Bulgarian folklore elements are proving to be increasingly popular in the production of various advertising materials. These are the impressions shared by visitors to the COPIS 2019 International Print and Advertising Exhibition, which opened on 25 September at Inter Expo Center. The international textile exhibition TMT Expo ran along side.

Last generation external and internal advertising

First-class branding, done in the best possible way, is of paramount importance for shaping the company's appearance. In the universe of COPIS 2019, from 25 to 27 September, the company KOSE BOSE gives us the opportunity to know more about their solution for external and internal advertising.