Eco packaging solutions - paper bubble and honeycomb stretchable paper

We take a look at Bright Stock, a company dedicated to the mission of offering products that are in harmony with nature

What do industrial manufacturers, smaller companies and online stores have in common? The answer is – they all need different packaging solutions in their daily activities. It is in this field that Bright Stock is a specialized company, which has dedicated its activity to the creation and offering of ecological products.

If you are looking for eco-friendly packaging solutions for your business, Bright Stock will surely be on your "top list" when visiting COPIS 2023. From September 13 to 15, its team will be welcoming visitors to the exhibition in Hall 4, Stand B4. The company's products are highly valued by customers because they are designed for many activities, including packaging and protection of fragile and delicate goods.

Nature in mind

„Bright Stock is the first company in Bulgaria that produces PAPER BUBBLE, as well as many other varieties of eco packaging materials, such as Paper Tape, Dispensers, Biodegradable bubble foil, Honeycomb stretch paper, Machines for inflating pillows, bubble, and others“, tell us the company.

The products are used for packaging and protection of fragile and delicate goods, through innovative and ecological solutions, without the use of plastic. " We specialize in helping both industries and smaller companies and online stores who want to protect the environment and are looking for alternative and environmentally friendly solutions to secure and pack their shipments“, says the team.

Fascinating vision, functionality and a thought for nature

The Paper Bubble and The Stretch Paper provide a reliable and unique look to the products you pack, while reducing the use of plastic and protecting the environment.

  1. A simple eco-friendly packaging solution
  2. Compact size - can be placed anywhere - Takes 5 times less storage space than standard bubble wrap.
  3. Much easier to work with than plastic bauble as it tears easily by hand.
  4. Perfect solution for online trading of any kind of goods.
  5. Excellent surface protection and transport protection.
  6. A sustainable alternative to bubble wrap
  7. Your customers get a much better unpacking experience.

Bright Stock's eco-friendly product portfolio features a wealth of offerings that are both eco-friendly and functional. And this is a clear sign that every visitor to COPIS 2023 will find the packaging solutions for their business at the company stand.