Lightweight and compact exhibition systems impress with their qualities

Low weight, functionality, versatility and eye-catching. The four characteristics listed are of а particular importance for the exhibition systems (also known as Display Systems) of the 21st century.



We find all these four qualities in the product that FormTex will present during COPIS 2021. Through its exhibition systems, FormTex, which is a manufacturer of a wide range of portable exhibition products, gives companies the optimal opportunity to present the brands and products of their participation in events and exhibitions.

The products are modular and easy to install. This allows them to be used both individually and in complex combinations for exhibition stands.

The main features of FormTex are light and compact packaging, easy installation and beautiful high quality printing. Thanks to this, FormTex systems are suitable for exhibitions, conferences and various other events. It is widely used in various retail outlets. "More than 900 companies in Europe use FormTex for their events," the company said. This type of exhibition systems, for which you can find more information at, are preferred because:

- impress passers-by - the wide range of shapes and sizes, in combination with textile printing, make the products attractive

- easy to install and disassemble - designed to be easy to assemble by anyone

- they are reusable because the seal is washable

- The design is modular and allows a wide range of configurations

FormTex по време на изложение COPIS ще откриете в зала 4, щанд С19.