Bulgaria Plovdiv, Industrial zone, 41 Karlovsko shose Str.
D 5

Amek Toys is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of plush toys. All produced products comply with all European standards and Directive 2009/48 /EC, which makes the brand a preferred both locally and internationally.

Amek Toy has proven to be a reliable partner in the development of individual products of branded toys by idea and design of various corporate clients such as Nesquik, Emeka, Happy Restaurant chain, Star Foods, etc. This type of advertisement product is able to reach a very wide audience, which makes it unique and distinct from all already-known promotional materials.

On Amek Toys’ booth you will also be able to receive additional information regarding their innovative e-platform for products with custom design -, which will give to the   merchants the opportunity to offer products with customizations to their customers, without committing to the prior purchase, storage and manufacture of the goods. Extremely suitable for owners of photo studios and gift shops.


+359 32 947 947