FABRIC IS COOL for the first time during COPIS

A new and different challenge, linking the power of teamwork and creative ideas, will bring together key specialists around creating a backlit print advertising campaign for the first time. The pilot edition of Fabric is cool will be held as part of the accompanying program of the International Exhibition for print and advertising – COPIS 2019.

You're challenged!

The challenge is as follows: Five teams, each comprising five professionals (marketing specialist, designer, copywriter, prepress specialist, and print specialist) will have the task within 3 working days to create a concept, design, message, Place a Christmas campaign for a big brand. The challenge is to develop a holistic fabric backlit product, taking into account all stages from beginning to end of the process. The valuable help of a mentor will be relied upon.

The audience presented the final product is 6000 + business visitors at the international exhibitions COPIS and TMT – specialists from the sector of advertising, printing, marketing, textile technologies.


The work of the teams will be judged by a jury. It will include a team of marketing expert, creative director with experience in printed wide-format advertising, textile designer, and a print specialist with years of experience. Each team will be rated from 1 to 5 in different elements: message and social commitment; Creativity and design; Print quality.

Like in every race, here too will be rewarded the best. The prize will go to the team with the highest overall score. The winners will receive a financial prize within 2500 BGN, to be shared or for each specialist in the team.

Don't miss this exciting challenge! To apply, write to e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by sending a short text in which you describe your motivations to participate in the challenge, by necessarily noting the position you want to occupy in the teams (marketing specialist/ Designer/Copywriter/Prepress Specialist/print specialist) and the experience you have.
To register for a free visit to COPIS 2019: www.copi-s.com