ALLOCACOC will demonstrate last generation technology

Ultra-thin skateboard. A padlock that you can unlock with a single tap. A kettle controlled remotely via Wi-Fi. Yes, you will find all this by visiting the company stand of ALLOCACOC.

The Remote Controlled Skateboard

SkateBoard lElectricl. This is the name of the skateboard whose speed can be set from a remote control. With an achievable travel speed of up to 30 km/h, the skateboard has a long-life battery and a standard mileage of 20 kilometres. When skating down the applied technologies restore part of the energy and prolong the mileage. "Our product is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Safe and durable, high quality fiberglass is used for its production", commented from the company. The skateboard weighs only 6.5 kg. Being equipped with a double-drive brushless engine, it has a powerful dual-security motor; the wheels are rolling  smoothly even when there is no power supply,   – without friction from the transmission.

Fingerprint recognition padlock

No, you didn't read it wrong. Because ALLOCACOC will present PadLock FingerPrint – the padlock that you can unlock with a single tap. Being designed for locking bicycles, doors, etc. it is activated and deactivated by a fingerprint. The device has a USB-C rechargeable battery that is charged within 30 minutes. The waterproof padlock is supplied with a solid metal chain for locking  a bicycle. And – talking again about the battery. It has an optimum "life", and in urgent situations there is a possibility of charging from a mobile phone – again via a USB-C cable. "You can add up to 30 users", added  from the company and explained that PadLock FingerPrint has a sturdy zinc alloy body.


Wi-Fi controlled kettle  

Crystal clear and transparent design. With temperature control via the smartphone app or Alexa/Google Home. Yes, now we will reveal the "secrets" of the Water Cooker | SmartHome – the remotely operated via WiFi kettle. It can be controlled with the ALLOCACOC Smart application. From the couch, bed or on the way home, it gives full control over the innovative device. You can also control the kettle with your voice using Amazon Echo Alexa, Google Home and all other smart home applications. For maximum convenience, the kettle has a built-in LED display and Touch panel.

From 25 to 27 September, during COPIS 2019, the company ALLOCACOC will present a variety of innovative products in Hall 3, Stand С8.