Bulgaria 47, Bulgaria Str., 9650, Kavarna
A 11

For another year in a row, we will present at the exhibition new products for your advertisement.

With their diversity, we aim to reach a wider range of customers.

We have roll and offset printing machines and a wide range of finishing machines - for die cutting, sewing, laminating, spiral binding, hot stamping, screen printing.

The modernized thread sewing technology Aster EL enables us to sew a large number of products. We manage to cover product dimensions in the range from 75 x 150 mm to 320 x 420 mm.

With the automatic stacking machine, which complements our precise production of hard cover, we are able to laminate items (up to 6 pieces) with sizes of 450 mm in width and 700 mm in length. It allows us to manufacture a wide range of products such as notebooks, binders, menus, folders, covers and many more.


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