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Aragorn Ltd. is a leading Bulgarian company founded in 2003 in Plovdiv, specializing in providing solutions for synthetic fabric printing on polyester, lycra, polyamide, spandex, acrylic, etc., applying the most advanced printing methods - sublimation (transfer) and direct print.

Sublimation printing is a flexible and efficient production method with unlimited color variations with a unique or personalized customer design, with unlimited quality, outstanding durability and resistance to all weather conditions.

We offer complete solutions for sublimation or direct printing, including:

Equipment: wide format textile printers for sublimation printing; wide format textile printers for direct printing; flat presses and calenders for thermo-transfer and fixation; computer equipment and software for textile printing management; Consumables: textile inks for sublimation printing; textile inks for direct printing; sublimation print papers; protective papers for calenders;

Services: advice on the type and size of equipment, depending on production needs; preparation of color profiles; drawing of expenditure norms; all kinds of advice related to sublimation printing.

Service and support: Warranty and non-warranty service.

Spare parts.

Aragorn represents the following brands:

Monti Antonio - Italy - - presses and calenders for thermo-transfer and fixation;

Cham Paper Group - Switzerland - - sublimation printing papers;

J-teck - Italy - - ​​digital textile inks;

Texo Trade Services BV - Netherlands - - protective papers for calender;

Roland DG - Japan - - wide format sublimation printers;

Wasatch- USA - - specialized RIP software for textile printing management;

Georg + Otto Friedric KG- Germany- - polyester textiles for direct printing.


+359 32 625757
+359 32 625757