Requirements and conditions


For handling and customs clearance of consignments for events held at the Inter Expo Center - Sofia.

Specialised handling of consignments under customs control for the events (fairs and exhibitions) held at the INTER EXPO CENTER SOFIA, provided by Expo Logistik OOD to foreign exhibitors and their forwarders and/or Bulgarian representatives include the following services:

  • Forwarding handling loading/unloading operations from means of
  • transportation to/from stand (customs warehouse), transportation and storage of empties.
  • Customs clearance - settlement of customs formalities for regular or
  • temporary import and re-export upon closing the event.
  • Settlement of formalities for storage keeping of fair goods under customs control and their transportation to the warehouse.
  • Organizing of the re-export of fair goods or their transportation to other destinations.
  • Provision of the presence of a damage inspector to determine damage or loss (upon client's request).


147, Tsarigradsko Chaussee
1784 Sofia , Bulgaria


All consignments must be labeled and marked as follows:
Name of the exhibition: ………………………
Name of the exhibitor: ………………………..
Pavilion No. …………………….. Stand …………….
Dimensions (length, width, height)
Gross and net weight
No. of package
Other specific marking (for goods requiring specific handling)


It is recommended that all consignments arrive on the INTER EXPO CENTER Sofia premises at least 7 days prior to the opening of the event.

Expo Logistik OOD must be notified immediately after the dispatch of the consignments by fax containing the following data:

  • No. of truck/flight
  • Copy of international consignment note (CMR/AWB etc.)
  • Date of dispatch/arrival
  • Name of exhibitors, Pavilion No., Stand

Note: Consignments with freight prepaid to point of destination only shall be accepted for handling


INTER EXPO CENTER - Sofia shall provide for the general security of the exhibition.

However, in order to guarantee the exhibitor's interests, the exhibitor shall insure the exhibitor's property against all risks during transit, downtime, against fire, theft, damages or loss, etc. The insurance of the exhibits shall not be deemed as a precondition for participation in the event or for the handling of the consignment, but it is recommended in view of providing of the property. Expo Logistik OOD is capable, for an additional fee, to assist in signing insurance contracts.


The documentation required for customs clearance of the consignments (made out in German or English) shall include:

  1. Temporary import
    Carnet ATA Shall be preferably used for the purposes of the temporary import of all products/exhibits and stand materials
    Eventually - four identical copies of a pro-forma invoice + EURO.1 certificate
  2. Definitive import
    Four identical copies of invoice for all consumables (leaflets, prospectuses, advertising materials, souvenirs, disposable samples) imported on a regular basis + EURO.1 certificate.

The invoices shall describe in details the various items in terms of number, gross/net weight, unit and total value, customs tariff code.


The official forwarder for INTER EXPO CENTER - Sofia, Expo Logistik OOD, shall provide for customs clearance of all consignments delivered to Expo Logistik for the exhibitions. Products imported on a temporary basis may not be loaned, pledged, rented or submitted for use against payment, as well as may not be unloaded, loaded or unpacked without the supervision of customs authorities. The removal of any products under customs control from the premises of INTER EXPO CENTER Sofia

shall be made only with the explicit permission of the customs authorities and with the consent of Expo Logistic OOD. Any infringement of these conditions implies that the customs authorities shall sanction Expo Logistik OOD as the financial guarantor of the products to the amount of the total value of all fines, fees and customs duties

which will be further debited to the exhibitor or forwarder, respectively.


Expo Logistik OOD shall be responsible for the removal from, storage and delivery to the client's stand (after the closure of the exhibition) of all clients' empties. Actually empty packages shall be considered as “empties” whereas no responsibility shall be assumed for any contents therein. No storage of empties at/behind/above the stand or around the exhibition pavilions shall be allowed.


Return transport or transportation to other destinations shall be arranged according to the written instructions submitted by the exhibitor or the exhibitor's forwarder.

This includes providing of transport, loading of exhibition products, drafting of all shipping documents and customs clearance.


  1. The fees due for forwarding services shall be paid by the exhibitor/forwarder by the day of closure of the exhibition at the latest.
  2. Freights with supplied by Expo Logistik means of transport are prepaid.
  3. The fees for forwarding services shall be calculated according to the forwarding.

Tariff applicable to all international events held at the premises of INTER EXPO CENTER - Sofia.

These fees may be paid as follows:

  • Cash on the spot (in Sofia)
  • Bank transfer of the agreed amount made in advance
  • Bank transfer made by the day of closure of the exhibition at the latest.

Consignments for which no payment of the forwarding fees as charged for handling is guaranteed shall not be delivered to the stand until the payment is settled.