Fabric is Cool – a challenge like no other

Key print and advertising professionals enter a contested race for the first time at COPIS 2019

A new and different challenge like no other will make different printing and advertising specialists face off between 24 and 27 September. The first edition of Fabric is cool, which will be held as part of the accompanying programme of the only professional exhibition for the sector in Bulgaria COPIS 2019, will demonstrate the strength of team work and creative ideas.

We challenge you!

The challenge is the following: five teams, each including five professionals in the fields of: marketing, design, copy writing, prepress and printing – will have 3 business days to create a concept, design, message, following which to print and mount on location a campaign for a large brand, envisaged for one of the busiest periods – Christmas. The challenge is to develop a complete fabric backlit product, observing all necessary stages from the beginning until the end of the process. Each team will have a different task regrading the brand and the respective industry, for which their concept will be developed. A mentor can be relied upon for their invaluable help. The audience that the final product will be presented before are 6,000+ business visitors to the COPIS and TMT Expo international exhibitions – specialists in the advertising, printing, marketing, textile technology sectors.


“Apart from being fun, one of the purposes of the challenge is to show how things always happen more easily when you work in a team,” the organizers from the Inter Expo Center commented. In order to demonstrate what we can expect from Fabric is cool, they presented the race participants, telling about their roles though the fictional characters Spiro, Kiro, Mia, Vanka, Mladen and the Customer.

Spiro is the person who deals with prepress work for the campaign. His phone rings so often that his colleagues sometimes wonder if he is not working for the 112 emergency telephone line. There is no mistaking the Art Director Kiro, whose favorite phrase is "Cool, let's do it!” Everyone familiar with working at an ad agency has at least once heard the complaint "There is no concept. There is no content” from someone like the copywriter Mia. Vanka the production guy's phone is busy all the time, and the marketing guru Mladen repeatedly explains how he will return the call later, but that never happens. Cannot do without the Customer, who will tell you "I really like it, BUT...”

The jury

To evaluate the work of these colourful personalities, there of course needs to be a jury of specialists in the field. It will include a team composed of a marketing expert, creative director with experience in wide format print advertising, textile designer, as well as a printer with many years of experience. Each team will be rated from one to five in different categories: message, social responsibility, creativity, design and print quality.

The prize

As in any competition, the best will also be distinguished here. The prize will go to the team with the highest total number of points. The winners will receive a financial prize in the amount of BGN 2,500, which they will share.

If you have already decided to enroll in this exciting challenge, you can email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., by sending a short text describing your motivation to participate in the challenge, making sure you indicate the position you want to occupy in the teams (Marketing Specialist/Designer/Copywriter/Prepress Specialist/Print Specialist), as well as your experience.

Master class

The COPIS accompanying program has more to offer. Simultaneously with Fabric is cool, marketing and outdoor specialists, professionals involved in advertising and PR, designers, artists and photographers will have the opportunity to visit the Master Class in two steps with  Prof. Hristo Kaftandzhiev. It will be held on 26 September at Inter Expo Center’s Pirin Hall. The topics to be discussed are Packaging Design Trends (in two parts) and Semiotics in Advertising Communication (in two parts). The highlights include visual strategies in marketing communication and the use of various elements to achieve pre-set goals – colours, fonts and more.

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