Companies are on the finish line in their preparation for COPIS 2019

Companies spare months for planning their performance at the most significant business exhibition for the advertising and printing sector in Bulgaria.

We are just a month away from the start of the only business exhibition for printing and advertising in Bulgaria. The companies-participants in it are already on the final run in preparation for participation and are excited waiting for the days from 25 to 27 September, when COPIS 2019 will be held in Inter Expo Center.

What are the stages of their preparation and when does it start? What is the role of preliminary planning in it and why is the event so important for the sector? We approached some of this year's participants in the exhibition with these questions and we will try to summarize their honest answers we have got from them.

It all starts with planning

Planning is fundamental in the course of preparation for the participation in the exhibition. This attitude is shared by most companies, sharing that the first issue to be taken care by their teams is the choice of an appropriate stand, consistent with the objectives and the strategy of the participation. "Planning an exhibition at first glance seems like a less complicated process than it really is. The process begins when the layout of the halls is sent to us; Then a number of questions arise: what is the most appropriate place? How big stand will we need to present our products? ", shared from the company Daedal Company.

The process of preparation

Another important step is determining the company budget. The limits are set according to the objectives and the various resources. "For us preparation for participation is comprehensive. The first step is always setting a budget, taking into account different criteria – depending on the exhibition in which we are going to participate", say from Mirage Group. "We should determine exactly which models of machines we will expose for our customers at our stand. This is not always easy as there are many factors that we should comply with. For example, when the manufacturer has released a new printer model on the market, we are supposed to make sure whether it can be delivered on time, as the production itself takes some technological time in which we need to fit in. We are supposed also to specify whether the machine that we will expose is of interest to the customers and will be sold as soon as possible after the exhibition ", they add. The organizers of the forum share their idea, according to which the good presentation of a company is the right choice of products that will be exhibited. "The content is what attracts more visitors," they are certain.

The importance for the industry

The industry's representatives agree that the long process of preparation is not accidental, since the participation in the International Business Forum is essential for them. "COPIS is currently the only exhibition in Bulgaria representing our industry. It is important for us to present new and attractive products, to make business contacts and meetings with current and future clients ", explain the need for participation in the exhibition from Dedal Company. The companies explain this with the fact that they work in a very narrow-niche specific industry. The companies determine their participation in COPIS as one of the most effective ways of establishing the presence in the sector and business development. "This is the place that everyone in Bulgaria involved in the advertising business is willing to visit. It is important to be present there in order to be visible to the business, recognizable also to present the products of the brands of which we have undertaken the distribution on the Bulgarian market ", summarized from  Mirage Group.

There is very little time left before the start of the business forum. Visitors will be welcomed by a rich accompanying program. The attention will be attracted by FABRIC IS COOL – CHRISTMAS Fabric Backlit AD Challenge – The event that will bring together and unite key specialists around the creation of a Backlit printed advertising campaign. Another interesting event is the upcoming master class with Prof. Hristo Kaftandzhiev, with the main topic "Visual marketing communications - print design and packaging".

This year from 25 to 27 September COPIS for the second time will be held together with the International Business Exhibition for Textiles TMT Expo. The representatives of the two industries are already looking forward. More about what is scheduled you can learn on the site: You can make your registration for a free visit HERE.