Branded Plush Toys

Creating a successful brand is of prime importance for a successful business. Amek Toys will present its cheerful and varied proposals at COPIS 2018.

Digital printing on textiles – a modern method with many advantages

The age of hi-tec. This is the 21st century. The different technological solutions of this era enable the creation of products and the realization of ideas hardly achievable only decades ago. Among the most interesting solutions on the market is the digital printing in the textile industry. Its advantages were presented during this year's COPI'S exhibition.

Each car possesses individuality - with the 3D technology by 3M Partners

Attracting attention, clearly distinguishable and with a stronger personality. This is how to briefly describe the cars where the technique of 3D textured film is used. Every visitor at COPI'S can get acquainted with the technology, visiting the stand of 3M Partners, that have visualized the concept of an off-road vehicle specifically for this exhibition. The exhibition for Printing and Advertising Communications takes place from 2 to 4 October at Inter Expo Center.

VR Express and virtual reality

VR Express works in three main areas: Creating customized virtual reality content: 360 degree videos and animations, interactive experiences, VR installation events, and VR mobile headsets branding - Google Cardboard. 

Numerous products from Dedal Company Ltd.

Dedal Company joins COPI'S exhibition with a variety of products. Visitors who have completed the Dedal’s questionnaire will have the right to purchase around 30 products at very attractive prices by 15/10/2017. What are the products to be seen in booth D5 in Hall 3: