Prof. Kaftandzhiev inspired advertising experts with a Master Class at COPIS 2019

Packaging design and semiotics in advertising was among the key topics in Prof. Christo Kaftandzhiev's master class, developed in two steps at the COPIS exhibition.

The inspiring workshop, which took place on 26 September, brought together marketing and outdoor specialists, advertising and PR professionals , designers, actors, photographers, students and others.

Signs are at the heart of the success

Some of the highlights that he outlined include the visual strategies in marketing communications, and the use of various elements to achieve the pre-set goals – colours, fonts, and others. He grabbed the audience's attention by visualizing his explanations with a number of examples of everyday life, such as why the supermarkets' lighting in the fruits sections is always gold-coloured. "Branding is at the basis of the advertising communication," Prof. Kaftandzhiev argued. He noted that the signs, which carry a product's message and help the consumer associate them with that product, are of key to building a successful communication strategy. The professor also paid special attention to the colours used in advertising, and explained the colour palette choice of some of the world's most popular brands. "The music also carries sensation that sells," he explained.

About the speaker

Christo Kaftandzhiev is Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor in the Public Relations and Advertising Department of the Faculty of Journalism at Sofia University.

He is teaching courses on general theory of advertising; internet marketing communications; digital marketing communications, design, creative advertising aspects; advertising and visual communication; intercultural communication and advertising; marketing semiotics; advertising campaigns; trade brands; merchandising marketing communications; integrated marketing communications.

He also delivers lectures on advertising and marketing communications in universities in Finland, Sweden, Germany, the USA, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Poland, France and others.

He has been speaker at three world congresses of IAA (International Advertising Association) – in Mexico, Egypt and Lebanon, and at two world congresses on semiotics – in Mexico and Germany.

He has authored many scientific articles on advertising and semiotics. He has published eight books.