Manufacturing and industrial printing at the focus of KONICA MINOLTA in 2019 

Professional meetings and consultations with clients, demonstrations of samples and presentations of new and current machines. All of this will be available for visitors to see at the COPIS 2019 visiting KONICA MINOLTA's Stand.

The highlight of its participation will the demonstration of several innovative machines from the world of manufacturing and printing. The AccurioJet KM-1 will be among them. The four-color B2 digital inkjet press was developed by Konica Minolta and Komori. It ensures high image quality and color range. The machine prints on substrates of up to 600 microns with speeds of up to 3000 sheets per hour. The innovative patented Dot Freeze technology allows high quality details even for the smallest elements. The technologies Implement ensure complete control over the supplies used which provides low cost.

With the AccurioJet KM-1 you can print: business cards, leaflets, calendars, packings, brochures, catalogues, magazines, book covers, plastic materials, synthetic media. From 1 to 100,000+ copies can be made without preliminary preparation.

For label printing

Konica Minolta AccurioLabel 230


Konica Minolta AccurioLabel 230 This is the name of the eponymous digital roll press for label printing, presented by KONICA MINOLTA. The machine is a new version of the company's digital label press line. It contains the latest generation technology, providing increased speed by 73% and the possibility to print most adhesive and foil paper (includes PP and PET) at full speed.

The performance has been increased through the capacity to print continuously up to 1000 m without the need for recalibration and the ability to switch between two different paper sizes - 250 to 330 mm. The waiting time between tasks has been eliminated by the improved fuser idling. The built-in speed detector reduces paper wastage.

For small and medium businesses

KONICA MINOLTA will also introduce the AccurioLavel 230 for the small and medium businesses. It is suitable for label printing offices, print suppliers, and packaging companies.

Introducing it in their company activities, a company would get: 

  • improved print speeds
  • higher performance without recalibration being required
  • overprint option added
  • reduced waiting time between tasks
  • more accurate print registration

Hybrid technologies

COPIS 2019 will be a meeting point for hybrid technologies. This will be proven by AccurioWide 160/200, the hybrid UV LED wide format inkjet printer series. Both models have media width of 1.6 m and 2.0 m respectively. They are equipped with UV LED lamps, allowing a wider choice of print media. They save energy, time and costs.

The configuration with four colours plus white ink creates even more possibilities – for printing on transparent material, for backlit applications, or for printing white as an additional color. The six-color configuration offers a wider color range and provides the opportunity for printing harder to reproduce colours. Through the use of UV inks and the low heat generated by the LED technology, the series enables printing on a wide range of materials - styrene, film and laminates, coated paper, polyethylene terephthalate, flaked polypropylene, soft boards, industrial films. Multilayer printing in color and white ink provides high-quality backlit boards with vibrant colours and high quality.

AccurioWide can also be used when printing on non-standard media - wood, personalized items, creative architectural and interior décor. The series provides quality and power in large format printing for outdoor advertising studios, screen printing, photo labs, commercial and industrial printers. The stable conveyor and carriage drive motors provide accurate point positioning, high image quality, enhanced by the gradient and the multi-layer functionality. With four to six print heads with a drop size of 12 picolitres, the AccurioWide series guarantees consistency, fine text reproduction of even four points, exceptional tonal reproduction and low ink consumption. The two white printheads, with a droplet size of 30 picolitres, allow printing in white in multiple modes and layers.



Maximum quality

To meet the high demands in the contemporary advertising universe, KONICA MINOLTA will also introduce us to the Color care unit IQ-501 for the Accurio PRESS digital presses. The inspection module is designed to control the quality of four-color printing in sheet solutions. Using it facilitates and reduces the time of color calibration and front/back registration. Automatic density balance, color density control, maximum density setting, profile creation, gradient adjustment for smooth colour shade gradients, and excellent results when printing on embossed media are achieved through the module. The Color Care Unit IQ-501 offers higher color quality, reduces execution time and saves costs.

The introduction of the machine in the production process achieves:

  • automatic color adjustment before printing
  • fine tuning
  • real time color correction and face/back registration
  • gray balance adjustment
  • Adjustment of the paper density and simplification of the presets
  • batch adjustments
  • automatic adjustment on both sides
  • real-time face/back monitoring/adjustment
  • colour validation

KONICA MINOLTA will showcase the capabilities of the latest generation machines in Hall 4, Stand C3.

Color care module IQ-501