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The xenon test chamber Q-Sun Xe-2 is designed for accelerated weathering of textiles, plastic, paints, coatings etc. using simulated climatic conditions and light.

After being exposed in the chamber the samples can be examined for: color fading or change; loss of tensile strenght; yellowness (for plastic samples); loss of resistance to flame; loss of ability to absorb or reflect IR light.

Testing standards for textiles: ISO 105-B02, ISO 105-B04, ISO 105-B06, ISO 105-B07, M & S C9, M & S C9A, AATCC TM 16, AATCC TM 169, Adidas TM 5.11 etc.

  • Laboratory equipment for mechanical testing of textiles, paper, cardboard, plastics etc. from DEVOTRANS (Turkey).

The equipment can perform different types of test such as: tensile strength, maximum force and elongation of textiles, elasticity of fabrics, seam strength, single or double rupture force, yarn elongation and rupture force etc. Performing any test requires a configuration with the appropriate grips, extensometers and other accessories. The equipment is delivered with a specialized professional software with preconfigured standard testing methods.  

Standards for textile testing: EN 14704-1; EN ISO 13934-1, 2; EN ISO 13935-2; EN ISO 13936-1, 2; EN ISO 13937-2, 3, 4; EN 29073-3; EN ISO 2062; ASTM D882 etc.

Standards for testing paper/cardboard: EN ISO 1924-2 etc.



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