The world of wide-format printing - dynamic and fast-growing

The world of wide-format printing is dynamic and is developing at an extremely fast pace. Proof of this is the creation of products of quality and speed that were difficult to achieve in the recent years.

"Technology has developed a lot over the last ten years," said Angel Angelov, CEO of INTEGRAL BG. The company offers industrial and advertising machinery and is the official dealer of Roland. At this year's exhibition COPI'S, INTEGRAL BG offers the latest novelties in the wide format printing industry.

"Modern machines are of much higher quality while the speed has been increased three times," adds Angel Angelov, pointing to a printed geographic map. Its details are extremely subtle and which is why it prints at high resolution; this is also the reason why the process of this kind of products takes longer than the standard one. In normal - productive printing, 1 sq. m. of this machine is printed in just 10 minutes.

According to the manager of INTEGRAL BG, the sector is still developing in the field of digital printing. The reason is that visual communication is entering the market dynamically and is increasingly being used.

Angel Angelov wishes good luck to the exhibition COPI'S, trouble-free work and satisfied clients.